Basic Computer Images

Push those pixels around! Make them conform to your will…

Prerequisites: Patience, curiosity, respect, attentiveness, responsibility and willingness to try.

Course Description: The Basic Computer Images course covers the basics of the Macintosh operating system and industry standard design applications. Topics include the creation of vector and raster images, page layout, and PDFs. No prior computer experience is needed. (A material fee of $30 will be assessed.)
(download complete syllabus ART2605BasicComputerImagesSpring2014 )
We will create images on the computer. We will spend time on each program so that the student will overcome fears she or he may have related to working on a computer, and perhaps, find a program with which he or she is comfortable.

Software: Students may wish to purchase the software used in class for their home computers. Student discounts are available at the university bookstore or visit or For Apple products, visit Make sure you request student pricing since it will usually save you a significant amount off the purchase price.

Software programs introduced include:
• Macintosh Operating System
• Adobe Photoshop
• InDesign
• Adobe Illustrator
• Some Adobe Acrobat
• A word processing, scanning and a network browser program

Class Format: This class meets twice a week for 2 hours and 50 minutes each class or almost 6 hours a week. Students are required to arrive on time to class and bring all necessary materials to work in class. If you are not prepared for class time—for example forget sketchbook, flash drive, etc.— you will be marked absent. Class meetings will be comprised of lecture/discussion/demonstration and time to work in class. The more time on the computer creating images, the more comfortable and competent you will become.
Teaching Philosophy: This is probably the one class where I spend the most time on software instruction because you must be able to move comfortably within the programs before you can create great images. I will show you as much as I can in the time allowed. I am not so much interested in your technical skill as your ability to think and design critically. You will be expected to study and use the lab on your own time. There will be time allowed during class to work on assignments. The class is structured so that you will develop basic computer skills by completing the assignments. The more time you clock in front of the computer, the better you will be able to create within that environment—allow yourself time for discovery. Ask questions. You must find time outside of the classroom to work on the computer to increase your ability to maneuver throughout the system and deepen your understanding of how to make images on the computer.

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